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The rise of innovation has changed the way we prepare our food. Thanks to the mo…

The rise of innovation has changed the way we prepare our food. Thanks to the modern technology, now we have so many options to cook healthier food in a fast, safe, and easy way.
Introducing Epichef Air Fryer by kyvol.singapore.
Exciting news! 📣Today is the official launch day of this cool product!! 🥳🥳
Let me share with you what I love about this Epichef AF600 Air Fryer:
❤️Convenient Viewing Window: We can check our cooking progress easily.
❤️Main capabilities: air fry, roast, bake, and dehydrate.
❤️Large Capacity (6 quart): We can cook a big portion of food at one go! E.g. it can fit up to 1.5 kg of French Fries 🥰.
❤️Ceramic-coated Basket: Safer and durable.
❤️360° Rapid-Heat Circulation
❤️Wifi Smart Connectivity via the Kyvol App: Show off to our kids how cool we are! 😉
❤️100+ recipes included!

First time experience review:
– I wanted to try the presets on menu button to check how accurate they were.
– I decided to prepare my breakfast: ‘Avocado Toast with bacons” using ‘Toast’ preset button.
– I preheated my Epichef for 30 minutes (recommended for first time usage to get rid of funny smells).
– Then I placed 2 slices of bread with some bacons on top of the crisper plate inside the basket.
– I pressed the Toast preset button, then just need to wait for 8 minutes.
– Voila! My toasts were super crispy (swipe pictures to hear the sound) and bacons were ready too.
– I added some avocado 🥑 + black pepper + pink salt, and some passion fruit.. Bon Appetit! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Plan to get yours? Now is the best time!
For this special launch day, get a $30 OFF (u.p. $199) when you purchase this Epichef AF600 by using promo code “TRI30” (code will expire on 24th Dec, 23:59).
Not convinced enough?
There is 1-month trial period where you can get a full refund with no questions asked and you’ll even be paid for the shipping back!
Thank you Doeven kyvol.singapore for this kind media drop.

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