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Mediadrop: Spicy Sauce from . If you love spicy sauces, please look no further!…

🌶Mediadrop: Spicy Sauce from mrdosauce❤️🔥
If you love spicy sauces, please look no further! mrdosauce is here for all spicy lovers out there ❤️🌶❤️.
I’ve been searching for good spicy sauces that’s really.. repeat..really spicy for sometimes. Mostly the sauces are not spicy enough for me, or spicy enough but something amiss with the taste.
I tried dipping the salad rolls into all the sauces:
🔥🔥Doubly Spicy Sauce:
OMG! Love it to the max!! ❤️❤️I can feel the burning sensation on my tongue, but I can still taste it. So good!!
🔥💚 Thai Chili Sauce:
Not as spicy as the first one, but equally yummy!! I can imagine eating this with some steamed lemongrass fish 🤤🤤😍.
💚💚 Spicy Cream Salad Sauce:
This sauce goes really well with the salad roll. The lesser spicy compared to the other two. I can imagine eating this as my salad dressing.
mrdosauce is a start-up home-based business run by a team of husband and wife. All sauces are prepared freshly every Saturday just before the delivery to ensure the quality of their sauces remain intact.
You may support their business by purchasing them directly from mrdosauce.
Thank you mrdosauce for this yummy mediadrop.

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