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Mediadrop: Bamnut Noodles from . All noods loversout there, let’s get a love a…

🍜Mediadrop: Bamnut Noodles from whatiffoods 🍜
All noods loversout there, let’s get a love affair with these healthier instant noodles 💚.
What I have here:
🧡Bamnut Pumpkin Noodles with cheeky curry seasoning, completed with some minced pork and wonton crackers.
💚Bamnut Moringa Noodles with sesame garlic seasoning, completed with umibudo (green caviar) from crazcrav and tempura bits.
💛Bamnut Noodles with sweet hot seasoning, completed with steamed wontons and fried dumplings.
🖤Bamnut Charcoal Noodles with shroom pepper seasoning, completed with sambal matah, fried egg, and vegetable crackers.
Which one will you choose?
WhatIF BamNut Noodles are air-fried making them 52% lower in fat compared to conventional instant noodles. Powered by the Future Fit crop Bambara Groundnut, they are 100% plant-based, high in protein, and are free from MSG, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.
Designed in Singapore, 1 box contains 4 noodle servings with 4 different flavours.
You may purchase them from whatiffoods (link on their bio) or from FairPrice Finest outlets.
There is a contest “Rejuvenate Yourself Compaign” going on now to win a 2-nights staycation at Shangri-La Rasa hotel and other attractive prizes. Please check on whatiffoods page for more info.

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