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Media drop: refreshing drinks, soup, protein bowl, and desserts from . Covid …

🥥 Media drop: refreshing drinks, soup, protein bowl, and desserts from straitsrefreshment 🥗🍲
Covid case went up = stay at home = straitsrefreshment delivery comes to the rescue!!
Do you know that you can get your delicious lunch + yummy dessert + refreshing drink all from this shop?
You just need to click and choose, then wait for your orders to arrive at your doorstep. How convenient!

What I tried:


Potato Salad with Green Apple

I’m not a salad person, but I enjoy the mashed potato with bits of green apple. I also like the wakame seaweed and edamame in it.


*Chicken with Cordyceps & Mushroom Soup
*ABC Soup

These soups are so comforting and they are placed inside the coconut shells which is such a brilliant idea!
The addition of coconut flesh in the soup totally works! I just wish that the ingredients are cut smaller so it’s easier to bite them.


Original Coconut Milkshake (25%):
Skip the long queue and order this instead. It has bits of coconut flesh which I love. Not overly sweet which is perfect for me.

Pandan Milk Tea with Peach Gum (25%):
My favorite!! The peach gum is a great replacement for boba.

Purple Rice Shake:
It’s pulut hitam in a drink form. Yummy too!

Avocado Milk:
I like it, but I wish there is an option to add more avocado and some chocolate cream in it.

Citrus (25%):
I’ll choose this drink after my exercise for sure. So refreshing!


Orh Nee and Pulut Hitam Mini Tarts

I love desserts! These bite-sized tarts are so yummy! Love both flavors. The sweetness level is just nice. Tarts taste good but I prefer them to be less crumbly so I can hold them better.

Coconut Panna Cotta

Love the blue pea infused coconut jelly and pandan pudding parts, but not really fancy the rich coconut milk part on top.
Ready to order? You may order them via oddle, grabfood, foodpanda, and deliveroo (link is on their bio).
Thank you straitsrefreshment for the mediadrop 🥰.
60 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark
(Stall 6), Singapore 415979

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