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Media drop: Peruvian Purple Corn Extract from . I can’t live without bread and…

💜Media drop: Peruvian Purple Corn Extract from purple.superfoods 💜
I can’t live without bread and I love the aroma of freshly baked bread. Baking my own bread is a big plus since I know exactly what I put into it.
I was so excited when I received this Purple Corn Extract from purple.superfoods. Initially, I planned to bake a shokupan using this extract. But then when I saw my friend chow_down_jack posted her Pugliese, I decided to bake Purple Pugliese instead 🥰. This rustic aromatic bread has crusty top and soft, slightly chewy texture inside. The addition of mashed potatoes in the dough tenderizes the bread and gives it a nice flavor. What we need is a good plan and patience since this bread takes a lots of time.
I prepared the biga (pre-ferment or starter) the night before. This way I can enjoy the freshly baked bread in the morning 🥰. Note: this is a very wet dough, so recommended to use a stand mixer. Please swipe pics for recipe.
Why Peruvian Purple Corn though?
It contains high level of anthocyanins which is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. 80% of antioxidants properties are retained in the bread crumbs and crust even after baking at 200°C!
🌸An all-rounder natural antioxidant that keeps your body’s free radicals in check, protects you from lifestyle diseases
🌸Natural high strength extract 30: 1 (30kg of purple corn into 1 kg of extract powder)
🌸A spectacular ORAC value of 96,300 µmoleTE/100g, 20x more antioxidant capacity than fresh blueberry!
🌸Promotes blood flow circulation
🌸Protects blood vessels from oxidative damage
🌸Is anti-inflammatory
🌸Promotes collagen formation, improves cell irrigation, calms and detoxifies
🌸100% Raw . Vegan . Gluten Free . GMO Free
You may purchase this superfood ingredients from purple.superfoods. You gotta try to believe it 😉.
Thank you Amber purple.superfoods for sending this awesome product 💜.

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