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Media drop: Nu-Format Supplements range from . The surge of covid cases recent…

🌱Media drop: Nu-Format Supplements range from nuformat.supplement 💚
The surge of covid cases recently takes us back to Phase 2 Heightened Alert. Even though I have been vaccinated, I’m aware that I still can get infected. To support my immune system and to boost my antioxidant level, I take some supplements.
There are so many supplements in the market though. How do we know whether they are made of natural ingredients or synthetic materials?
Good news! We can test it out!
Pour the powder out of the capsules onto a piece of aluminium foil, then place it in a toaster oven at 200°-220°C for about 15 minutes.
The synthetic supplements will become distorted in shape & texture and have unpleasant smell (like petrol). The natural supplements will hold the shape better and have pleasant, toasty smell.
Please swipe pics to view the video of the testing process.
Now we know! You are welcome! 😉
Why Nu-Format Supplements?
I have tested myself, and I got the fruity pleasant smell 🥰.
Nu-Format Supplement is a natural blend of organic fruits and vegetables, backed by Nobel Prize Winning Research. It has been tested and proven to be far superior in terms of nutrient absorption, retention, and utilization within the body. It’s vegan verified, halal verified, kosher verified, and allergen free.
Several options available, targeting different body needs. Choose wisely what you need and stay healthy!
Thanks to Alan nuformat.supplement for sending me these much needed supplements and also thank you for sharing the useful knowledge.

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