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Media drop: Chosyoku Koso Breakfast Detox Enzyme Drink from . Excellent health…

💚Media drop: Chosyoku Koso Breakfast Detox Enzyme Drink from hiromi.health 💚
Excellent health begins with a healthy gut. Having a healthy level of digestive and metabollic enzymes in our digestive system helps to break down food into nutrients that our body can then easily absorb.
However, as we age, the production of natural enzymes begins to slow, causing indigestion, weight gain, and other health issues.
Therefore, in order to maintain my optimal gut health, I started to take this Chosyoku Koso easy-to-drink breakfast enzyme supplements.
It contains a powerful blend of natural enzymes harnessed from over a hundred kinds of fruits and vegetables which are fermented over 1000 days.
Personal experience:
I’ve been drinking this enzyme in the morning for about 3 weeks now. Before having my breakfast (empty stomach), I’ll drink the mixture of 30 ml of Chosyoku enzyme with 60 ml of room temperature water. It tastes like apple syrup ☺️.
How does it affect my body?
I’ve been trying to lose that annoying extra 2 kg that I gained during the CB. No matter what I did, that extra weight didn’t wanna go away. It seemed like there was something ‘stuck’ somewhere inside 🤪. Now I managed to lose 1.5 kg 💃💃. This enzyme seems help me to flush out the toxins from my gut. Am so happy now!! 🥰😍❤️
Thank you Alan hiromi.health for sending me this healthy product 🥰.
You may purchase this enzyme drink from hiromi.health (link on their bio). There is a promotion now: 1 bottle (720 ml) for $124.20 (u.p. $138).

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