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is such an innovative local food company that always comes up with new products…

fragrance_bak_kwa is such an innovative local food company that always comes up with new products. Doing a collaboration with this company encourages me to be more creative as well 💪.
🐝Honey Bak Kwa
This sweet-salty goodness bak kwa made with the finest pork, marinated with herbs such as gingseng and wolfberry, then generously coated with pure raw honey before tradionally charcoal grilled till perfection.
Fun snack ideas using Honey Bak Kwa: turn it into Vietnamese Pizza (bánh Tráng Núong).
2 rice papers
1 pc Honey Bak Kwa, cut into small cubes
2 eggs
Salt + Pepper to taste
1 spring onions, chopped
Sriracha or chili sauce
1. Beat the eggs, add a touch of salt and pepper.
2. Add in the chopped spring onions, beat to mix them.
3. Heat up a non-fry pan over medium heat.
4. Place one rice paper, then spread the egg mixture on top (cover all the surface).
5. Add bak kwa pieces (half).
6. Cook until the bottom is light and crispy.
7. Drizzle with some mayonnaise and chilli sauce.
8. Cut into small triangle pieces and enjoy!!
🥚Salted Egg Potato Chips
They are super addictive! So crispy with the right amount of salted egg yolk in every bite!
Perfect snack for Netflix time!
You may purchase all fragrance_bak_kwa products, including the frozen ready-to-eat ones via my special group buy (link is on my bio).

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