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I’m going ‘Coco’ for Coconuts and let’s Avocuddle! . specialises in yummy Coc…

I’m going ‘Coco’ for Coconuts 🥥 and let’s Avocuddle! 🥑
cococadosg specialises in yummy Coconut and Avocado shakes with unique toppings, such as lychee, strawberry, & mango pops, also Nata Lychee and Mango Jelly! All shakes are made of 100% fresh coconuts and avocados! .
What I tried:
🥥Coco Shake with Lychee pops
🥥🥑Coco Cado Shake with Mango pops
🥥Coco Passion Fruit Shake with Strawberry pops
🥥Coco Cempedak Shake
🥑Cado Gula Melaka Fresh Milk with Nata Lychee Jelly
All drinks are super refreshing, especially when the topping pops in my mouth. That Lychee pops are my favorite! Pop.. pop.. pop 😍😍.
Sign up now as their member (link on their bio) and earn points $1 = 1 point. For every 80 points, you can redeem one 500 ml drink (topping excluded).
And you can also get free upsize to a 700 ml drink if you them on Instagram.
So what are you waiting for? 😉
Thank you cococadosg for these yummy treats 🥰.

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