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If you are into Squid Game, you must join “Cut A Shape” Game with . For a more…

If you are into Squid Game, you must join “Cut A Shape” Game with fragrance_bak_kwa.
For a more challenging level, try using Crispy M such as “Crispy Bak Kwa with Almonds”, which is a crispy form of Bak Kwa that could be enjoyed as a snack. These Crispy M are only 0.02 cm thick which gives the perfect crisp crackling result. Cutting them into a shape is super challenging, but fun! Don’t worry if you are unsuccessful in your first attempt. Just bite them and enjoy its gourmet taste and wonderful flavor! Satisfied guaranteed!!
Back to the game: get a chance to win an exclusive Fragrance Mistery Box (worth $88!).
Here are the rules:
⚫️Purchase Bak Kwa from fragrance_bak_kwa
🔺Cut the Bak Kwa into a shape (based on your own creation)
◼️Snap a picture of the ‘cut bak kwa’ and product packaging
📱Post, , and tag fragrance_bak_kwa either on FB or IG. Like the post, tag 3 of your friends, and use
🗓Submit your post before 28 October 2021.
*Terms and conditions applies*
Have fun!!
You may purchase fragrance_bak_kwa products from their physical store or via online.
Thank you fragrance_bak_kwa for sending over this yummy snack. We totally love it! 😋

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